• R. E. Maynard

The Collective of Equal Sinners Thrive Empathically

The Collective of Equal Sinners Thrive Empathically

The best that we can offer the world is a friendly disposition anymore, which is why I employ upon our hearts to prove compassionate to one another’s ideals without division leading the way. We are the same America who comes together in crisis. Not a day goes by that I am not privy to someone mentioning their affiliation to rhetoric. We are all sinners living either in God’s command or not, but a Jew or not does not determine our abilities to live in a willful society. Some of my dearest friends are not followers of God’s words but act morally responsible as humans doing a world of good. Our innate abilities to judge seem so unique to those religious people who lack comprehensive sincerities found in God’s words.

In (Romans 3-1 through 31) God tells us that His revelations do not put us right God. We are all in the same boat as sinners, which on a world stage our devotions to love one another become demeaned by so much unbelief. I judge not the acts of a human unwilling to live in the light of the Lord, but I do pray that people do not use their humanistic ideologies against my free will as a sinner.

God said, “God does not respond to what we do; we respond to what God does.”

When an Earthly occurrence frightens us so heartily, do we all look to the humanity of our willful existence as human beings. Our hearts care greatly as we come together to care for the unity of a nation proud to be part of the American way of life. God-fearing or not, mere love can be our answer to lives well lived. We must trust in our commitments offer the freedoms binding America’s rights to act as sinners without mankind’s judgments. God shall speak forgiveness to our souls’ eternity, so shall I vow to fight for the salvation of His creation (every soul). Being equally a sinner gives me a kinship with my neighbors and strangers alike, which dependably leaves hopes for a respectful presence amongst our needs as a human race.

If we are all in the same boat rowing toward a common direction, then I pray we can keep everyone safe from ourselves because of those innate acts proving forgiveness before the need occurs. We are a people too prideful at times, sinning to get what feels right, and looking down our noses at those indifferent using the human condition. To be a true oar worthy of direction means being of your best self in favor of a surrounding, and our environment ties us together in every Earthly reasoning. My kindness toward your opinions forgives and favor sins as natural while detailing a character imperfect and rightfully speaking ever so boldly about our humanity.

I know you as more than a political being, similarly in the flesh and blood present in our sights. Who am I to tread on your choices to live as an equal sinner bearing life as we know it to be true? My compassion is a gift of the human spirit and if given the perfect reasoning to forgive myself daily, then I am placing my existence in the proper place without a need for worry of another’s cares or to not care for my life as a sinner.

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