• R. E. Maynard

The Cost of Freedom is a True Liberty for Bearing America’s History Known

The Cost of Freedom is a True Liberty for Bearing America’s History Known

Freedom doesn’t come freely in the eyes of America’s blind lady serving justice ever bold, as our democracy demands integrity to pay the piper’s costly toll. Far too many Americans believe they own the right to constitute arguments against humanity’s saving grace, as God, country, and mother’s burden the truer stakes.

The truth be told about the worthiness of a Patriot’s goals, as these are the types of folks that lead lives of heroes, and with the courage to sacrifice their own lives for giving us all such freedoms reigned—the cost remains paid by the ranks of higher duties bestowed. Our appreciations must always be shown.

Brave solders who serve in America’s wars own every right to pin their righteousness across broadened chests, yet still soldiers return home humbled by hearts worthy of a history foretold. The beating heart of a warrior never entitles less than the respects of our nation’s recipients for dealing in freedoms known.

Please kindly understand the purpose of a liberty forged in justice for all, as our society honors the colors that never bleed—the red, white and blue instill greater values in providing families with safe havens grown, and a history of belonging contribute to tall of our American Dreams.

Thank you, heroes for protecting the land of the free.

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