• R. E. Maynard

The Faded Remembrance of Humanity’s Last Dance

The Faded Remembrance of Humanity’s Last Dance

In a nation divided by political parties unable to define their truer duties for serving the greater good, as nothing more ridiculous could ever appear more insane during stressing times like those of today’s wayward events.

A pandemic’s fury leaves us all weighing either the infringements of self-defining constitutional rights or choosing to protect what is most precious in the face of death’s reaping madness.

Liberty shall cease to exist once the truth of a human race exhales its very last breath, as an empty world of apocalyptic dates leave nothing left for mankind to procure.

Mother Nature acts with vengeance for the molestation of her dignity, while she forces the tainted heart of a scorned woman upon a most deserving world of mindlessness.

The proof of our faithful democracy fades away into an existential crisis, as the wrath of a failed humanity curses the masses with ill-intent feebly instilling hatred atop stone-cold hearts divisively at rest with ease.

No memories of such destiny shall speak highly upon the deeds signing our souls’ inevitable fates. The proof of human beings will shift into the winds of change, as the dust from scattered bones resolve our differences.

We shall bow to the depths of war in our last dance, even though our consciousness gave us all plenty of chances to learn from every mistake ever made. Our supposed timeless existence fell forsaken by the one place we all call home, and we are all most certainly to blame.

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