• R. E. Maynard

The Healing Power of a Poetic Resolve

The Healing Power of a Poetic Resolve

The years passed Justice by, as life starved his due fortune, while the betterment of his community ignored the likeness of a vagabond. A decade earlier a committed father helped to give birth to his family ties. Two beautiful children once adored their lives with a mother spoiled in the light of a loving husband’s cherished eyes. Justice died inside after a house fire took every loving connection he had known in this tragic life.

A poet wielding riddling truths approached Justice, rain fell upon their heads with a wrathful fury of a God’s embrace. The poet spoke with a passion to foretell of good fortune, he stated compassionately, “The least future favors remorseful ties with a tortured past, as a blindness envisioned a presence with nature’s healing abilities, as a good man’s heart lives hauntingly in the remembrance of a family lost.”

Justice stared into the poet’s eyes with fearful expectations. Shivers overcame his body from the cold rain droplets pounded on his flesh, but the tears bursting from his drawn face spoke without a single word to explain. Justice reached out at the shadowed figure reciting a poem depicting Justice dreadful past. The poet grabbed the sorrowful man’s heart with an advancing truth about the potential of a life anew.

The poet assured, “A life storied by such hurtful words, sewn into the depths of a broken soul. Healing properties shall be a resident in forgiveness, and regrettable notions fade renewed upon a foundation for every reasonable emotion that caring bestowed.” The darkened figure became light and ripped all of Justice’s sorrows from a once frightful soul. A sincere Justice blinked and wiped away the pouring rain from his brow, as the clouds parted to a sun filled sky.

Justice believed suddenly in the healing power of this poetic resolve. Love became his reason for relating to a life of duty, the memories of his loved ones fueled his passion to write every stanza foretelling of triumphant verses grown from the grieving heart of a resolved soul. Justice wrote to heal a deserving world—lost and found in the depths of his every word.

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