• R. E. Maynard

The Heroic Mentalism of a War-Torn Father’s Return Home

The Heroic Mentalism of a War-Torn Father’s Return Home

Dabbled in the bravery of a courageous man’s ever evolving inkblot, a mindset lashed out at a soldier’s ill-fated desire to warp into a protective heart willing to ache with painful memories past.

The war-torn past of a hero poured bloodshed on the presence of a fearfully known identity, as he sought to escape a forsaken acclaim for judging not the death bearing some solder’s soulless existence in a loveless world.

Blown to smithereens, an injured man lifted puzzling logic for piecing back together his life’s simplicities once adorned, as his limbs missing left the reinvention of a hero’s welcome back into humanity’s scornful abode.

Prayers offered weigh so heavily upon a nightmarish mentality reborn as a killing machine, and the killing fields of his thoughts haunted memories where children lost their innocence as collateral.

Machinegun fire blasted about regardless of faces similarly fashioning a nationality’s indifference, and he still wore the flesh and blood never washed away from a God-fearing man’s cherished soul.

Ranking in file with operations favoring the decimation of lives lost in a warzone, a soldier’s breath held steadfast finally releasing whispers in the winds of regrettable sorrows.

God rewarded the blessings of catastrophes to a soulful family man’s enraged ideals for protecting his own, as these were the people awaiting his arrival back at home, while a simple man wished into the clouds painted orange with such disastrous means as napalm.

Damnation casted its ugly presence through judgments bestowed and a hero welcomed forgiveness atop a heart blessed with a loving recovery, while choosing his way back to his fatherly sanity owned a damnedest right for caring this much through and due.

He kept the actions of a war hero private to his thoughtfulness as a father, and wisely he left the battle on the battlefield evermore, because he knew ideally no one ever wins the deathly toll of millions of lives gone.

He may have bled red for a nation’s freedoms, but a lifetime of growing offspring rewarded him in medals honoring a father’s courage to provide America such a right. Given the risk of another conflict on foreign shores, this soldier trusted in his detail to fight while representing our homeland’s long history foretold through generations proud.

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