• R. E. Maynard

The Honest Cost of Humility Enriches Life with Emotional Wealth Anew

The Honest Cost of Humility Enriches Life with Emotional Wealth Anew

The omnipotence of my will acts as an inference for weighing decisions where faith in a bountiful future relies on humility. I live by an adoptive promise to invest in my choices willfully so. My own value for self-effacement stems from the mindfulness of working through a life blessed with natural talents. A far greater means delivers my efforts to remain ethical and respectful in light of those challenges that I have faced. Feeling rewarded in professional positions that have felt lacking of authority has demeaned my willfulness for achieving professional growth.

I recently resigned a position in hopes for gaining greater expectations. Soul searching with a desire to escape a bad situation led me to experience necessary personal growth.

Writing acts as a dependable resource for enrichment pursuant of happiness, as emotional wealth pays dividends expensing my soulful efforts to achieve dreams. In my fore-mentioned role working in a manufacturing capacity, I worked long hours dedicated to the continual improvement of many daily processes, which I found failed to evolve naturally. The human factors forcing such authority over a culture failing to best utilize honesty left me desiring an escape from routines in this workplace. The income driving a livelihood barely making ends meet drove my ambition to remain committed to such a role that should have suited my education and experiences.

Even as necessary inquiries to more income and growth presented management with my abilities to succeed daily, constant denial left my family struggling during the pandemic. We lived through some pretty tough times dealing with important health issues. I learned a great deal going through a pandemic while aiding my brother up to and through a heart transplant. He and I suffered through some incredibly humbling tides forcing humility upon our willfulness to survive at all costs.

A determination to achieve daily goals rooted my capacity for accomplishing tasks at hand with an acceptance for dealing with both other’s and my poorly decided behaviors. Never again will I fail myself so distrustfully while facing the emotional disruptiveness of complacency. I worked long hours in a field where my financial investment educated me as a worthy professional for living as a dreamer, while running my brother’s failing body up and down the road an hour in each direction. Faith impacted our lives and has improved our chances at dreaming anew.

I publish my written works and look to a healthy job market with a spirited faith in good things to come.

Today, my brother has a healthy and strong heart capable of his life anew, and I am proud of our efforts to be survivors. We are a family ingrained with the faith to live each moment with desirable trust in lives worth living. I would gladly do everything sacrificial over and over again, if it meant that our lives succeeded with self-love, self-respect, and self-worth. I shall always appreciate the lessons of growing mindfulness and the compassion favoring our better lives, even if this means humility decidedly forces more struggles upon my existence. My capable heart feels whole while determined to offer a spirit enrichment in faith for treating people exactly how I hope to receive equal promise.

Being a writer gives me a purposeful life, while offering me a future of financial freedoms, as writing saved me as a human who hopes to impact the world for the betterment of humanity’s sake. I need the influences of a cultural existence present in my dutiful life, as a role actively successful on a team fulfilling soulful ties to achievements acts as some incredible themes.

The toxicity of a culture struggling to grow became too influential to poorly inspired daily routines, and I decided to accept another position elsewhere. I resigned after concluding that this business had no respect for my potentials. Not feeling indigent to a role lacking professional growth caused me to adopt this bad attitude while being around bad influencers daily. After a brief occurrence where my manager looked to punish me for a belief knowing that how things continued to get worse in a culture ignoring reasoning, I resigned. My mindset for adapting to intimidation and ego-centric behaviors came to a final end. I finally felt free after speaking to truths for so long.

Even in finding out that this new contract for employment that I signed was actually a scam, an evil ploy where thieves sought to prey on me as a job seeker, and being unemployed felt encouragingly better. Losing my material possessions feels least concerning then embracing a future of successes worthy of my sincere endeavors as a professional.

Every day, I pray for my former team members with hopes that successes enrich their lives monetarily, but more so where a cultural rebuilds on the values of everyone’s ability to grow adeptly in dreams suiting so much abundant growth. Sacrificing integrity for income can only be the answer for so long until reality suites a far better means. Fate proves most deservingly how lessons supporting emotional wealth found promise and inspires nothing but an individual’s truthful regards for living well. It shall be an interesting experiment to see who lessons well the indifferences of humility’s promise after reading this enriching piece. My soulful honesty speaks sincerely from within as perceptions of these truths favor a life of happiness. God Bless!

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