• R. E. Maynard

The Identity of a Tyrannical Hypocrisy Rebirths America’s Moral Compass Towards Democracy Anew

A fairing host bewildering to my soulful presence in a damning world of hypocrisy, leaves humanity tortured in civility's absence, the dismantlement of a least resistance to today’s political warfare’s expressed in a dishonesty that fail to discourse our sensibilities.

The framing of an ideological narrative speaks defiantly to the voicelessness of a nation divided without principles for moral sanctuary in a broken democracy, as the conflicts of a constituency lessoning their simple opinions in rhetoric’s divisive by its very nature.

The Mistaken Identity of a Tyrannical Hypocrisy Rebirths America’s Moral Compass

Idiocies disposing a fated time for morality’s favor condemning our nation’s history with the punishments of Covid-19, while we hinge on those differences of opinions for what constitutes progress in eras tainted with history’s differing beliefs, and racism assures the suffrage of our society—oppressed over the ignorance of such hatred shall one day cease to exist. Morality's survival shall rise to rule over the ill-equipped politics of a long-festering emotional ailment on humanity.

The proof of racism is derivative of humanity’s battle with ill temperaments born of foul ideologies, immoral ties to factional tyrannical forces in the highest office of America’s ill-fated rule. Freedoms lacking reign over a majority caused with basis for change, because our simple opinions lack the forging of integrity in a democracy forgotten our earnest beginnings as a democratic republic—of the people, and for the people. United, we must stand for peace.

An end to these disruptive measures nears, as decency finds the courage to achieve truer sensibilities in humanity’s stance to take to the streets–to end such bullish indecencies shown by a traitorous thief, and this tyrant traced in his own divisive beliefs shall reign no more—incarnated over the brazen chaos misguided as a mistaken time long remembering better days of late. We elect to change our disgraceful face,

The world’s greatest mistake ever made in the land of the free fades into our distant memories. As laughable thoughts must heal our communities in satire’s rightful reality, thus, proving we are a truer definition of the human race. Masked and committed to lives anew, prosperous, and appreciative of the lessons learned over such pressing days of pure hate.

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