• R. E. Maynard

The Immortal Voices of a Memorial Day’s Remembrance

The Immortal Voices of a Memorial Day’s Remembrance

In reading through my daily devotional written by L.B. Cowman this morning, I found her words left me listening to the voices of immortal heroes who gave great sacrifice to afford me freedom and protection. Living to memorialize a nation of heroes enlightens me personally to act with a grateful human spirit. So many courageous fighting spirits serve(d) as a shield of defense against a world of tyranny and conflicts to protect us all. Our appreciative hearts must pray with sincere devotions for those who suffer from (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and I honor those who most accountably sacrifice(d) for the betterment of our nation’s freedoms.

We all know someone who has served or still serves with prideful ties to safeguarding us from threats foreign and domestic. We must listen confidently to their voices speaking to the self-assurance of a proud representation of duty. How else can I express my gratitude for honoring these heroes even beyond Memorial Day, then to write heartily about their gifts portrayed through patriotism that continually measures the heart of a nation’s will. Our will remains unbroken, free to live lives inspired by those great examples of character who led us loyally, and how possibly can we all improve upon the conditions of our brave soldiers?

I often wonder if each American gave a dollar a day to contribute to the reinstatement of these deserving lives, considering how these recipients served in the war in the middle east with merit and boldness to resume our freedoms against terrorism. Our shores are the freest in all the lands. We have three hundred plus million citizens of the United States of America, so the funding of soldiers feeling rewarded in spirit and in the finances equipped with sincerity leaves me feeling most appreciative and willing to give heartily. The greatest generation, the World War II veterans taught America the value of freedom, then assuredly we must know heartily that the tradition is an enrichment alive and well in the spirit of our great nation. I understand where my freedom stems from daily and a day of celebration comes about too infrequently in my opinion.

I vow to honor the courageous daily.

I give my ear to these voices speaking so loudly, so how can we not hear their demands to honor such reasoning as liberty and independence for all?

I must listen and ask what more my successes can do to assure the deservingness of a history garners lives worthy of every soldier’s good fortune. In memory of the lives lost in foreign wars, I hear your voices reigning over my conscience to honor thee with pride, but not so prideful that I forget about why heroes do what they do.

I shall love and cherish what you sacrificed for me always.

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