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The Insurrection Clause of Delirium

The Insurrection Clause of Delirium

We have now seen the proof of insecurity’s darkened delirium on our society’s freedoms. An insurrection caused by the naïveté of a nation of fools raged in our nation’s Capital. A collective body half representative and thus dissatisfied with the erasing of history’s vulgar past shall never define a future of patriotism’s best interests at last.

Demented regressions define a mindset for supremacy, ideals lacking the true integrity of any rebellious cause. Discerning how idiotic the actions of a mob hellbent on the worship of a false idol leaves an immoral stain on America’s history. Every single person involved in a coup against democracy remains viewed as a political reality gone afoul over lies and deceptions.

Crazy are these people wielding conspiracies and falsehoods to try so desperately to dictate the rule of a presidency. The insurrection clause of delirium now haunts a nation that failed miserably to stand united for justice sake, liberty’s broken heart due tells of such misrepresentation, as prosperity shall now pale for generations to come.

Racism reigns free still in the heartland of America but shall never overrule the betterment of humanity’s will for forging our majority’s voices, loudly do moral voices speak of narratives foretelling the truths about a party of nothing more than hypocrisies. As being right cannot be wrong—however these politicians leave little doubts in the moral compass of intellect—who exactly are the culprits of recessional downturns in America’s conscience reality.

The proof of morality gains ground over this simple nature for fallacies forcing foolish pride, whereas no rightist movement has proved otherwise worthy of an arguable notion to disbelieve. We the people’s republic of this country’s democratic rule must believe America the redeemer's actions shall never vote in a racist leader again.

Lady liberty shall stand for more than such ignorance shown over any attack on democracy in an America with far more potentials that can prevail. We the people of a moral democracy shall not trust in such indignities known to such an insurrection, as we remain believers in the American Dream.

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