• R. E. Maynard

The Kaleidoscope of a Butterfly’s First Flight

The Kaleidoscope of a Butterfly’s First Flight

A woman tested in life's existence grew a stem of consciousness for appreciating life’s natural beauty, as she found pain deeply rooted in the discovery of her heart’s willfulness, and a well of insecurity left her pondering painful ties to her own inevitability.

The actions of an adorned life left painful choices regarding love’s heartache, now thwarted with fearfulness for those who bear her struggles alike, but a soulful existence favored a battleground for gracefully surviving with a heart fulfilled with self-care.

Insightful eyes witnessed the incredible transformation of a caterpillar dawning a new age, as her quest to live a life of hopeful promises became too true, and so the necessity for hatching from this pod strengthened her presence in a world deserving of such promise for living ever anew.

A woman simply human with emotions fell into this daze over her fearful recovery, as a life most precious led her to pursue the bounty of her many enjoyable means without disrupting such due course toward a lasting presence.

Courage grew her willingness to forge a soul’s abode, as she cared enough to cherish her best self-existence with a heart worthy of calling self-love an enabler’s home.

Now her wellness shined more than ever before, as the proof of her courage led a life day-by-day, and she became a beautiful butterfly spreading her newly formed wings, and this was now a woman soaring free of past heartaches.

A life of bravery rewarded her with a kaleidoscope of colorful sights, beautifying the life where she courageously took flight beyond the days of late, and she flew forevermore without a reason to fear the fight that defined such a woman to admire, rightfully so.

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