• R. E. Maynard

The Man-less Style Fashions No Adolescent Reprisal

The Man-less Style Fashions No Adolescent Reprisal

The debate for what constitutes a man’s most purposeful life has taken place for ages. A good man wields an unselfish means to raise his own, even ahead of any selfish pride that might haunt the likes of an immaturity forsook. The favor of a world adorned by bravery forsaken, does humanity owe men a great deal of gratitude for standing so embolden throughout history, and for so long––long before the equal favoring of women proved so worthy, had the ranks of men who died on battlefields and foreign soils gave the Earth it’s unfortunate dues.

Courageous are the men depicted as heroes in articles branding courage as a repertoire, while those men saving lives beyond the risk of eminent death, define the odds of a hero eventually meeting an inevitable match, so shall all fears be forefront in the appendance for cherishing humanity’s goodwill to man’s stylish regards.

A brotherhood brought about shameless ties, as men who yield to boyish antes fail to respect the sanctity of manly manners. Toying with life’s best regards for the playful necessities of a childish taint, as if having some rights to remain child-like does not demean such regrettable beliefs, and therefore, adulthood gets left unattended as such adolescent behaviors earn no due respects.

Fate forces its journey on the mistakes of mankind, as men are susceptible to the repercussions of law and serve rightfully all those deeds committed with real plight. Men fight, steal, and leave sorrows upon a world of these horrid affairs favoring broken hearts. Some men understand not the justifications to care about the aftermath for creating painful ties to life.

Whatever the matters of these fated deeds portrayal, does a precedented reality come to realize a hard truth about men. A man’s obligation for reprisal forgives not the loss of his own time, but rather his truest achievements for being a manly plot foretold beyond all past days of his existence. Thus, leading a good man’s heart to desire a world of greater expectations, nevertheless.

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