• R. E. Maynard

The Naïveté of a Social Butterfly

The Naïveté of a Social Butterfly

A heart courageously braving the ranks of every demanded hallway traveled––falls prey to the cliqued naivetes fathomed according to the burdens of every high school’s bearing fears for gaining a demanded status, as a childish affair with adolescence taught me to be ever so cruel regarding one another’s fairer circumstances.

As the proof of stronger personalities ruled the kingdom’s layers, and a fitting crown of emotional intelligence adorned the best imagination has to offer my will to fit in. A fake existence can lead a child who shall learn to pretend, as we can all learn to deal with the misfortune of every home life gone difunctionally afoul.

A child grows into the proof of a stable adult somehow, if their influences are those of a life of self-love, a respected will to find a worthiness important for the life well deserved. A renewed confidence will instill a personality of one’s own to seek a proper life, and a redeemed honor will restore a brand-new home from within––in a heart proud to become a person forever grown.

The naivete of a social butterfly learns to soar through life, as wings spread take flight through every reasonable notion for loving one’s self just right.

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