• R. E. Maynard

The Precarious Bravery of a Woman’s Tenacious Heart

The Precarious Bravery of a Woman’s Tenacious Heart

A woman’s strength proved caring in a marriage for years, until distraught feelings changed her life in an instance fraught with fear. At one time she was the perfect wife, as a husband adorned in her satisfactions called her – “dear.” In witnessing a major change in her husband’s strife, a many new lessons taught this tenacious woman to avoid the fights.

Unfortunately, a life of alcoholism favored her husband’s nights, and then his demeanor grew frightening with least favorable sights. Even when love had her heart toiled with thoughts of change, this woman gave him the benefit of the doubt, and she had thrown out her husband from this once loving house.

A loveless levity resulted in her willingness to see the bright side of life, knowing that loves lose stripped her of a great deal of self-respect––empowering this new idea about the longevity of a woman’s care. After leaving this man who risked a woman’s safety by forcing her to move on with this precarious will to survive, a happier woman earned the right to stand on her own––well that is with the love and support of a family and friends, of course––people who praised her choices had proven her heart was a fortress for battling through any negative discourse.

She moved on to a life of zero remorse and left that bastard wallowing in the sorrows of a regrettable divorce.

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