• R. E. Maynard

The Promise of Remembrance Shall Always Last

The Promise of Remembrance Shall Always Last

Our love enables a unique connection to each person who finds their way into our heart’s cavernous depths.

We become the most suited protector of what feels right in this world of coursing sincerities, as a relationship deserving of our destined memories last for an eternity.

Even in the afterlife shall a gathering of souls represent yesteryears’ lives lived, while moments worthy of remembrance remain atop our hearts forevermore.

Our blood ties us to a far better bond, and our flesh keeps cherished times of interactions well without fear of loss, which is inevitably ours’ to bear together as one.

Memories share a special meaning to our greater influences and upon offering passions to this world of kinships—do we truly know our destiny for living willfully as family and friends.

Nothing can ever takeaway our presence to remember life as the greatest blessing to mankind’s contributions.

As we remember the lives that touched our souls with a purpose for owning respect, so shall sincere love feel well within reason until we all meet again.

Love is ours’ to fulfill a promise to oneself—to prove worthy of happiness even through burdens of sorrows have passed.

The promise of our remembrance shall always last.

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