• R. E. Maynard

The Reemergence of a Lovable Charm

After years of arguable defiance over his actions to remain single, a dark day loomed over the tenth anniversary of his wife’s death. Where had the days gone since she passed away for a battled fight with Cancer, as he had a hope that she would defeat this dreaded disease, and that their lives would be upheld by this most fragile rule. We all die sooner or later, but he spent the years since angered over such a forcible reality.

The Reemergence of a Lovable Charm

Time now defied the odds that love might ever grace his life again. In the days of late, on a Saturday night date, his adored eyes matched her delightful surprise over a necklace emerging her happiest presence. Not commonly a romantic, hopeless possibly, but an effort to please her satisfactions remained absent for some time. On such a special occasion as being together for a quarter of a century, he brought a dozen roses and wrote her a simple rhyme.

“Three Quarter More

It is you that I have always adored,

I am but a simple man favoring an amazing life,

A lucky bastard who found a lovely wife,

As I spent a quarter of a century madly in love,

I thank my luck stars that you are mine,

Awakening each day to capture images of your beautiful face,

And in lasting thus far,

My hope is to experience three quarters more.

~ Your's Always”

Awakened at night by nightmares of spending his life alone, he decidedly picked up his cell phone. A friend from work offered to set him up on a blind date, as if his loneliness was not ever apparent in the day-to-day rituals of a widowed man. Stubborn by his broken heart which led him through a lifeless existence most willingly filled with heartache. A fearful man now eagerly desired a new beginning which sought for hima far better fate.

Showing up felt nervously a natural reaction for moving on, walking through the doors of the restaurant weakened his once stable knees. He spoke kindly, “Table for two.” As a vision of loveliness appeared behind him in a line of families awaiting a dinner table too. Eyes widened with excitement as she strolled through the door and turned every head in the place. He felt calm after a simple introduction, as she welcomed his charm.

Nerves raged in his body unsure how to approach such a beauty, so he thought of a time when his basic appreciation for a wife who laughed at his jokes, twirled his curls atop his head, and bedded him passionately in the bed at night. An renewed energy led him to make the night’s atmosphere an appealing time, as she chuckled aloud, and kept her attention on him the whole night through.

The reemergence of his loveable charm left her swayed in affection, lost in a love affair anew, the night reinvented two lover’s abilities to care once again.

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