• R. E. Maynard

The Timelessness of a Purposeful Man Rooted in a Tenacious Life

The Timelessness of a Purposeful Man Rooted a Tenacious Life

I define my greater successes as moments founding complete honesty, as a means to choose wisely while adapting suitably to an ambitious nature for employing my sincerity.

It is honestly tough to course a life determining so many human possibilities as mine.

A purposeful life sees through every heart of such matters where facts are the proofs inescapably lessoning me well and refining my willingness to dream.

I learn to delve into a soulful existence fearlessly and a merit for measuring a beginning and an end enlightens me so delightfully.

Not without mistakes am I a student of this life, even if those very suitable lessons prove me otherwise regrettably naïve.

A timelessness of my purpose expands the ages for pleasing a curiosity, and well within reasoning does my spirit hold on tightly to passions endearing of these lifelong endeavors.

A fighting consciousness remains awakening in light of my dissatisfaction dispelling less than hopeful promise upon my concerning brow.

As I ponder the likes of feats discovering truths and achieving beliefs, so shall a heartfelt posturing carry the weight of a world upon my trustful stabilities.

Foregoing a lifetime of failure after triumphant purpose bounds me with those penurious obligations favoring a brand new obliger’s wants, I rise to heights perceiving a worthiness for needing what compels me thus far.

Aspiring and indulging in the successes of a life living through a mastery of efforts ingraining an inner peace, as I work devoting my best-self most tenaciously to every root grounding my existence most lovingly.

My roots define a foundation for living as a man growing a destiny.

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