• R. E. Maynard

The Truth of Humanity's Colorful Lights Humanizes Life

The Truth of Humanity's Colorful Lights Humanizes Life

My life cherishes a colorful display of beautiful faces, adorning sights have learned to love equally one human race. Our diverse existence must define humanity for flesh and blood's sake.

The true indifference of a visual appeal speaks ill of the judgmental types, as those troubled with emotional ignorance remain deeply rooted in lives willful by nature to fight over such ingrained strife.

I never met a person who left hatred atop my demands for acting with decency, while those racist attacks leave fear burdening my aching heart, because the courage to stand with morality strengthens a cause for sharing my thoughtful wisdom.

Our portrait of individuality cherishes this honest reality, no matter what a narrower perception of evil may ponder as a means, and every human being proving a kinder disposition beautifies a deserving world.

Attraction founds a connection to the soulful nature of a soulmate’s love, a sincere desire for loving wholeheartedly reaches the depths of our eternal desires to care.

Our cultural beliefs bond us with heartfelt reasoning for trusting in indifferences known to humanize life.

Love who you shall as hearts due foretell of a soul's desires to adorn honesty.

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