• R. E. Maynard

The Visional Levity of Satire’s Bleeding Heart

The Visional Levity of Satire’s Bleeding Heart

Far beyond the seriousness of life’s awareness for dealing with struggles bound by fears, shall satire bring about delightful notions to the neocortex’s ability to adorn laughter.

Comprehending all that mirrors our willingness to chuckle at a sense of belonging to this world—defining the decency from within a torturous existence labeled a tragic life.

A mind hellbent on tickling the fancy of life’s challenges, so shall a good sense of humor relish in the depths of pondering thoughts, as the wit of an intelligible view lessens a willingness to rely on no crippling crutch. Every heart dabbling in the comedies of life’s failed dreams, raises to the occasional moment of sincere levity.

The love of one’s pun leads to life’s purpose for having fun, and a life worth of laughter rediscovers what shall be, or even for harboring what we foresee, as precious properties to a deserving soul dance to a flirtation with disaster atop a bleeding heart.

A vision beyond the disparity of fearing differences, as well as indifference redeems a lifetime of happiness, while qualities for living lend to the official moments where emotions grow into something worthy–we learn to laugh at ourselves.

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