• R. E. Maynard


Updated: Aug 13, 2021


A crown of thorns and thistles remain the flesh - the blood of Christ Jesus resurrected His bleeding-heart gifted us well.

No other duty than that reflective of natural qualities proven as servants of God shall our actions lead us through these lives obligated by the care given to those deeds of advocacy.

Thy breadth of sorrows speaks far and well to the courage for not betraying His life shall we act least weary by those sins forgiven. Our shared sermons of His guidance endear communities ever so kindly redeem our brethren righteously.

In a gleeful presence attuned to our chorused hearts, He preaches to committed souls most determined by the glory of redemptions, as hymns reign true to our existence.

Say to He, I proudly wear the thorns and thistles atop my head like an awakening. Actions founded through scripture shall knowledge teach the preaching of the Chosen Son of Man. Fashion my crowning achievements, while led by a purposeful showing through the love and compassion that we do attest to His example well.

Christ Jesus wore the crown forced atop his brow most righteously, without judgments to bear on His people through transgressions. He rebuked our sins with faith as even evildoers who weaved the sharpened vines into a bloodthirsty crown favored His peace as it was known as it is in Heaven as the God of man destines it so.

I speak to the will of Mankind favorably a people served in His forgiveness, cast in His light protectant by God and His loving presence. He gave His son over morality, a sacrificial son for humanity, dealt by our Christ the Lord Jesus reasoning considering our mistaken identities.

The morality dealt through the struggles known by the disciples twelve lead us like sheep gone astray from our shepherd, and the Holy One continually speaks to our souls most adoringly.

We flock to His expectations for attending to our deeds for lives cleansed of burdensome sorrows offered onto the Priest and alters as prayers of astute faithfulness.

Father, Lord in Heaven, give us our daily bread as we starve for the moral fortitude to fashion our image in the light of God’s willfulness.

May the blood of Christ Jesus veil our sights favoring a world deserving of His praise, as we turn away the influences of Satan upon the swine drowned in the waters of redemption, knowing how the baptism heals our souls washes away pains.

We wear the cloaking sheath wrapped around our lives ever protectant, a Father’s love wielding bravery never forsaken, as we sacrifice given the gifts of our blessed afterlives for the sake that He who blesses us all cares abundantly.

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