• R. E. Maynard

Thoughtfully Due–Pure of Life

I look to the heart of a soul deserving of my kinder disposition, as I am forgivable by transcending the heartache forced upon me over the loss of such passions felt. I see the reflection of a person cherishing dreams above all else, as a world of hopeful promises attend well to my living presence.

Life weighted upon these most purposeful shoulders as lessened my load as each solution redeemed with simpler choices leaves their marks on a journey lost in translation in time, but I had help to prop up a world demanding the heaviest thoughtfulness of people’s lives who exampled better ways through times worthy of existing wholeheartedly.

Expressions meant to adhere to the heart’s truest desires speak well of empathy’s manageable mentalities, because I see a lot of people’s thoughtfulness living inside of me––a man grown from the likes of love’s due processes.

Grasp a life of respectability with every choice ever made, as the truth about any character must settle happily atop a heart confident over those actions that define oneself beyond aggressions known to identify such an ill-divisiveness as fear.

Standing in the mirror of life’s most reflective sights, as seen through the eyes of satisfactions adorned in emotions ever felt, a self-identified perspective about those rewards gifted to a soul redeemable speaks thoughtfully about who I might believe that I see through kinder rights.

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