• R. E. Maynard



A world weighed upon broader shoulders carries the proof of self-love’s attentive sights, as too many conclusions for defining how our struggles have a tendency to demean anything less than a happy life.

Every reborn morrow raises a horizon for challenging our emotional balance teetering on the mentalities of a battled life, as the sun poses brighter perspectives upon mindful chaos and those conflicts most regrettably known to the average thinker's strife, and such hurtful thoughts known to the emotionally disturbed force an end unforgivable upon undeserving minds, because the heaviest humanisms have a way of outweighing our most spirited affair with a better self-discovery.

Thoughts tidal our conscience in waves by their very nature, destructive to the psyche’s potentials for living a healthy life well beyond the common ponderance of every emotional perception of living in caring moments endearing to an emotional disaster––a soul becomes lost and found in those conflictive realities that haunt our best selves.

Awaken to the day’s where struggling hearts learn to with even living breath, as a heartbeat sets the tempo for a rhythm, as an emotionally charged dance with fate’s destiny with anxiety raises the stakes, while every life deserving of a demanded wellness values a healthy perspective for living well to do.

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