• R. E. Maynard

True Love Prevails Even Heaven’s Gate

A man who once lived by the side of a woman finer than even dreams may envision, heartbroken—he lost his lady to heaven’s gate.

This history of his devotions gave her support through days riddled by illness, as cancer coursed her brain—unknowingly, a blessing disguised itself as his life’s truest curse.

The roots of a family’s ties left this proud father the adoring proof of her still existence within, as the personalities of his young founded her qualities in such resembling fashions.

Every single day awoke his heartbeat with a will to live in her memories, a heart worthy of his memories of her—influenced him to carry onward, and he spoke often to the reward of her living well within his adorned thoughts never forsaken.

He would spend a lifetime in love with his deceased wife, as such passions felt led his heart through the darkness of such remorseful sorrows, as he lent his commitments to a life worthy of meeting her once again in the afterlife.

A light lit his spirit for a soul worthy of God’s welcoming hands. True love prevails even heaven’s gate, when finer hearts due ensure the fate of a husband’s plea to love a faithful wife’s soul for an eternity.

— R. E. Maynard

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