• R. E. Maynard

Valuing My Abilities to be a Lean Machine

Valuing My Abilities to be a Lean Machine

The benefits of Core Lean training instilled a mindfulness for foreseeing greater potentials in those practicalities leading to efficiencies in my personal and professional life. In defining my individual values, attending to tasks while eliminating waste that streamlines those desires for achieving perfection in more consistent patterns, so have I found inspiration in my imperfections. I afford my demanded respects for achieving growth.

In utilizing the three pillars of Kaizen, a Japanese philosophy meaning "continual improvement," I practice using logical techniques while housekeeping to eliminate waste and to standardize easier processes. My efforts derive from a belief in continually improving as a person and gaining self-respect as well as respect for others. Eliminating any non-valued processes creates a more effortless process, I shorten the time spent and deliver results with lesser involvement. I examine my surroundings for defects, excess in processing, overproduction, waiting, inventory, motion, and non-utilized talents.

• The identification of defects leaves redundant items and procedure either intact or addressed appropriately, I know how unnecessary clutter becomes a burdensome task for accounting for time and space. A clean environment is a safe place to work and perform at your best.

• Committing to excessive processing leads to spending too much time following poorly thought through processes without examining more efficiency and in eliminating wasteful steps. We can always identify ideas for improving a process as technology and cultures evolve adeptly.

Overproduction is a direct factor of ignoring a workplace's surroundings and failing to eliminate those processes overworking employees or oneself. Added valued such as more staffing and teamwork benefits those improvable scenarios where overtime is a cause of working too hard and not intelligibly.

Waiting around after a lack of preparations creates costly expenses and by eliminating such unaffordable time enables a streamline processes to react efficient without adding devalued costs such as downtime.

• If transportation becomes a negative factor, attending to a process by rearranging areas to free up movement and travel, by reevaluating the environment may create avenues not considered when initial/evolving planning took place.

Motion ties in directly to those actions for accomplishing kinesthetic activity and for posturing real value for achieving daily goals. Conducting oneself with safe practices and without extra steps eliminates the need for extra efforts and time spent.

• A truer resourceful asset for continual improvement is the tapped-in urgency pursuant to non-utilized talents. Discovering traits and techniques favoring those improvable scenarios and situations tends to eliminate devalued waste to any process thoughtfully resourceful.

Exploring these self-methods for coaching oneself or team members accesses an awareness adept with considerations unique to improving visibility, accountability, and incorporating stability in a culture. Acting with sensible awareness of wasteful themes foretells of an organization's successes throughout a cultural commitment enriched in accountability. Improving my performance details greater expectations, collaborations, and builds on techniques unique to myself and an organization or person’s necessary changes.

I do more to do less and have achieved so much as a result of standardizing a lean lifestyle.

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