• R. E. Maynard

Veteran Hearts Protect America’s Dreams for Freedom

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

America’s hearts should go out in support for our veterans, as these heroes live disciplined for the betterment of our free nation.

Veteran Hearts Protect America’s Dreams for Freedom

Sacrifices have kept us safe from the tyranny forced on foreign soils, and not even terrorism’s blitzkrieg can defeat the sincere purpose of an American soldier’s bravery.

In God we trust—as our honorable men and women of America willfully fight for liberty’s rightful promise, as inevitable bloodshed shall not spill a single drop of blood in our homeland.

Give to the benefits of our courageous veterans, show your appreciations, give generously, while we applaud their efforts to succeed service and reinstate their lives after experiencing the tragedies of war. Loving support means more than anything to those people who have given so much for the American Dream, while their duties have and do maintain our rights for freedom.

Prove worthy of their deserving expectations, as we defend each and every veteran’s place in our hearts. Love is the proof of every demanding moment ever spent protecting our lives, as families have costed their losses with mournful cries through prayers into the heavens above.

Stand united and proud of America’s history, as we live in the greatest nation on Earth. Let us honor the Veterans who carry our rich history upon their broad shoulders. Trust that we owe these souls our gratitude for far too many reasons to bear—now is the time to prove we care.

— R. E. Maynard

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