• R. E. Maynard

We Can Thrive to Live—Together We Shall Rise

We Can Thrive to Live—Together We Shall Rise

Sure, our hearts are all vulnerable due to weighing stresses caused by the potentials for illness, death, or even an economic demise.

We must trust that our resources can be joined to humbly resolve our greater challenges. Material possessions mean very little to a family able to lend love for ages and years to come.

Speak from the depths of a humbled soul, as our truer necessities are important to us all, but I want to believe somehow—our lives will recover from this disaster in time. We are better off standing together, than as individuals faced with a means to a fearful end.

Yes! Your concerns are a valid reason to express wants and needs, but please—be reasonable until we rise together as a human race. We can still live together in a better place, if we choose to face these days together as one. One nation under God, religious or not, our spirited faith is all about love.

Let us give generously to those in need, as every little amount joined together will help families to stay afloat. We can thrive to live—together we shall rise above our challenges for the sake of humanity.

Together, we shall know the proof of our destinies, as heart strengthen our tides.

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