• R. E. Maynard

What Defines Heroes in a World Braving Ground Zero

Our destiny as a moral society is to triumph over the ill actions of terror gone afoul on America’s rich soul, while foreign soldiers shall never rob us of our freedoms to live for liberty’s sake.

What Defines Heroes in a World Braving Ground Zero

Born a nation of principles for the betterment of immigrant communities establishing the existence of a melting pot, family values have grown from the flesh and blood of our most courageous hearts. Every dutiful citizen should willingly stand for a nation of freedoms afforded by religion and purposeful lives worthy of a democracy.

As family ties bound neighboring lines, our friendly gestures bond the hopeful promises of a sense of belonging to a deserving cause for justice, and building stand tall like the brave military members always willing to march into a warrior’s armament for protecting our greater sensibilities, as a nation owning peace and sanctuary guards us from evil’s purposeless affairs.

Civil servants are the brave souls running into burning homes, police face criminal activities fearfully known, and medical professionals who save lives every single day in the name of a greater oath—define our destiny as a nation of heroes.

So we must take charge of our admirations for their duties to achieve a destiny, as we have won, thus, we have a moral obligation to succeed beyond those challenges met, promising our tested souls prosperity and happiness forevermore.

— R. E. Maynard

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