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Whispering Winds for Change Remanded a Faithful Voice of Reasoning for Lessoning Love’s Affair

Whispering Winds for Change Remanded a Faithful Voice of Reasoning for Lessoning Love’s Affair

In forfeiting his fears for changes anew, a life of whispers flowed secrets into harsh growing winds, which led his willful actions abound courageously. Aspirations once afoul with the toils of yesteryear, now brought horizons renouncing his influential heart as worthy of dreams ever true. As he coursed the days onto a most broadened affair with his renewed confidence. A once lasting of his alluring heart fed an appetite for measuring love’s devotions, as he quickly loved her designing character from afar.

Heartache evaded the adoring affections of her fashioning for his attentions for sorting finer details, and her heart lessoned the desires felt for his most modest qualities ado to her current state of mind. She knew his heart led a fate far greater than a willful determination could muster. Distance stood the waywardness for a relationship gaining greater expectations for her glory’s sake. Her passion’s were of a truer moment in a list of emotional tales portraying love and loss. She remained worthy of loving within an existence knowingly real to her still beating heart.

The two of hearts played hands down into a wager betting on an affair with compassion and time, in which every heartfelt reasoning could feel so rightfully owned by a lover’s dreams. She blow a kiss forsaking time spent wasting away into an eternity of lacking possibilities—founding his lustful embrace for happiness within.

Whispers once lost in the winds for change, remanded his heart for the proof of his admirations—gifting a fairest lady’s most deserving soul. Love unbeknownst to her beautiful heart led her faithfully into his awaiting arms. He loved her sweetly forevermore.

— R. E. Maynard

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