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With Every Blink

With Every Blink

I awaken yawning from every restless night with your vision of loveliness casting upon my sleepless eyes adorningly. Denying the mere fact that you must forsake my attention to your details with a life of restless demands of your own. I guess a simple gesture of flirtation goes to the wayside for founding a new friendship these days. Time spent boggling the passions turning my gut may prove expectations as a fair amount of attraction fails to reach your point of view lacking the interest for fancying a decent guy like me.

In every blink do I imagine your soften kisses in their delights. Those lips are the reason I cannot sleep at night, ever restless in your dreams of two swaying bodies intertwine while dancing upon the moon in hazing reminiscent of a dense moonlight. Beauty so adorning leaves me tossing and turning in sheets all alone with hopes for every mornings’ light—awaking to see you lying about naked in my protective arms rightfully. With you by my side cuddling in a heartfelt embrace lasting for the ages, as a delicate moment—bidding you goodnight. Night after night, I feel your breath on my chest. Until our resting bodies awaken to see how every blink portrays our destiny for eternal love forevermore, I shall commit to thee.

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