• R. E. Maynard

Wounds to Heal Lessen a Lifetime of Hurtful Memories

Wounds to Heal Lessen a Lifetime of Hurtful Memories

Life and love can be a tough course for weary hearts to fathom, as we learn to calculate the betterments of a life to bear. Our hearts seek the healing nature of a soul dependably.

In finding our significant other, do two hearts come together for a coursing affair, and every relationship must bleed hearts worthy of emotional wealth for love’s sake. We find value in honesty’s most purposeful rights.

A commitment to a friendship anew, awakens each day’s foundation for loving one another. Each regret leads to the best makeup ever experienced, while two bodies conform to a renewed union for the benefit of leaving aggressions passionately pursued for a far greater reality ever known.

All the hurtful experiences fade, and lovers heal the wounds deeply bereaved over time, and true love mends the scars for a couple devoted to such powerful deeds.

Wounds heal every dutiful heart, lessening a lifetime of hurtful promises failed, as hurtful memories become replaced by new beginnings, and each acceptance grown knows no wounds unattended.

— R. E. Maynard

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